Facade Decorative Profiles

Architecture has always been part of our cultural history, and the desire to make unique and beautiful facades in recent years has become a priority for many architects, designers and investors.

Our aim is to create opportunities for building new facilities and for renovation of existing ones. Therefore, we have developed new technologies related to the Styrofoam products and we have made innovations in the ­field of facade decoration. The results are incredible decorative solutions for your facade, consistent quality and prices. We offer unique profiles for exterior and interior, columns, capitals, arches and many other decorative products.

Facade profiles – Decorative insulation systems

Our products are lightweight facade elements with decorative and insulating properties. They are applicable to all types of buildings, whether they are new or old. Along with the standard models in the catalogue, we are able to o­ffer models especially designed for your building.


• Made out of high density polystyrene.

• Very low thermal conductivity.

• Surface protected with a special coating which is able to withstand all types of weather conditions (water, humidity, frost, UV rays or high temperature).

• Thanks to their elasticity, the products are not affected by earthquakes or building movements.

• The products do not crack in the cold seasons and do not deform or soften during the hot seasons.

• The products are compatible with the physical structure of the building, allowing it to breathe.

• The products can be painted with all types of non-soluble paints.

window frames

Unique concept of strong and resistant facade profiles which impart unique and three-dimensional appearance of your facade. This type of facade profiles is installed around the openings for doors and windows and aim to highlight their presence on the building’s facade. Like all other Bishops Stone products, our window frames are made of high density Styrofoam (EPS) which is not only in favour of the insulation properties of the building, but also makes them light and easy to install. Our elastic coating makes the profiles resistant to all types of weather conditions and allows them to be painted. The various sizes and shapes aim to satisfy every wish for facade decoration. Have a look at our standard models or send us your unique project. In both cases the Bishops Stone team remains at your disposal.


window crowns


designer cornices


whole windows

corner elements




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