The white Limestone is known and used in the construction of buildings and sites of cultural and historical value, as it is traditionally used in the manufacturing of monuments , memorials , etc. Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed primarily of calcium carbonate. It is sustainable to cold and frost and is used in outdoor decorations without the risk of breaking in any way. The predominant color is cream-based, ranging from very light, almost white to pale beige, with the option of different patterns, depending on the area of the material’s production.

LIMESTONE finishes

Bush-Hammered Limestone Tiles

A bush-hammered finish is created with a purpose-built high impact pitting device to engineer an evenly textured surface. The even grazing creates a non-slip surface ideal for high traffic external areas. This finish also lightens the colour and dulls any patterning found in a stone's natural state

Limestone Finish “Antique”

An antique finish gives stone an aged appearance by replicating use and wear. Antique finish is done on a line with special brushes. This generally dulls the colour of the stone.

Limestone Finish “Honed”

One of the most commonly used treatments of the surface of the stone. Gives the product fine and smooth finish. Practically used for almost all types of products from natural stone.

Limestone Finish “Split Face”

Mainly used for cladding, this is achieved by splitting stone either by hand or by machine so that the surface exhibits a natural quarry texture. It has a flat back and uneven front surface, and creates the uneven look of protruding bricks.


Limestone Finish “Polished”

Polishing is the most common and frequently used finish for interior. This extremely fine honing process uses polishing abrasives to create a brilliant, reflective quality. Polished surfaces add opulence to interiors and is extensively applied as wall and floor dressing, as well as bench tops and in features.

Limestone “Tiger Stone”

The Tiger Stone Limestone has quartz spots on its creamy-coloured base. Over time these quartz spots fade. Extremely strong material, recommended for high-traffic zones paving and stairs.
It is also suitable for all interior and exterior uses like wall cladding, masonry, bathroom tiles, sinks and kitchen countertops, etc.
The Tiger Limestone is very beautiful in tumbled and antique finishes. If it is bush-hammered or sandblasted, its quartz spot are very pale.

Natural Limestone Staircase

Use the Bishops Limestone to create a great feeling of security in your home. Because of its strength this natural stone is suitable for inside as well as outside stairs in any shape


Tiles , cut-to-sizes and free length stripes, suitable for various types of floor pavement and wall cladding, with different surface treatments – sawn, honed, polished, bush hammered, antique, sand-blasted.


Limestone stairs, window sills, coverings, panels, ect., with all types of surface treatments and handmade works. Qualified installation groups may lift the sizes of the requested products and to install the finished products at the customer site. If necessary to produce products on a curve or a non-standard sizes, we have a possibility to draw up a templates.


Split Face

Split face, on a different width and thickness. Very suitable and frequently used product on wall cladding. It gives a unique appearance, especially in buildings in traditional style.